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My main interest is in neural networks (both artificial and real), deep learning, and software development, but I have a wide-range of side-interests as well, such as evolutionary algorithms, Wikis, and productivity tools. 


My PhD thesis was focused on the classification of electrical activity patterns exhibited by cortical neurons in-vitro (see image on the right for an example). Before moving to a deep learning engineer position, I was a research computing engineer at the Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit in OIST, where I got the opportunity to contribute to large-scale projects such as Antmaps and OKEON. Working on critical, production-level systems has also provided me with additional skills in software development; skills that I now use daily as a deep learning engineer. 


A living neural network, grown in-vitro. Green shows the neuronal soma and processes, while red shows the large Gabaergic (inhibitory) neurons. Scalebar is 20μm.


Doctor of Philosophy in Frontier Biosciences 
Osaka University, Japan

September 2015

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 
Twente University, The Netherlands

January 2011

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering
A.T.E.I. Thessalonikis, Greece

May 2008

Thesis: Comparison of somatic and axonal spike shape features in cortical neurons grown on high-density microelectrode arrays 

Thesis: Development of an 11,000-electrodes
microelectrode array system for neural network recording

Thesis: Optimization methods for automated electronic/electromagnetic design


  • NVidia Academic Hardware Grant

  • RIKEN International Program Associate PhD Scholarship

  • European Study Program in Neuroinformatics 

  • Best Poster Award in Engineering Field at the 2014 Noyori Summer School


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