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On the use of Wikis in academic research groups

I recently published an article in InformationMatters discussing the use of Wiki software in academic research settings. This article summarizes my 10-year experience in using and administering Wikis in various international research or government institutes.

Wiki software can benefit a wide variety of organizations as they can be used i) as a central knowledge repository, and ii) as a simple project management tool. More specifically, they can help alleviate issues arising from frequent staff turnover, such as researchers finishing their limited post-doc employment period, students graduating, etc...

Wikis are initially a black canvas. Thus, a common question I receive from teams wishing to set-up a knowledge management system is how to structure the content and, subsequently, how to use it in practice. The published article aims to provide a useful starting point for the use of Wiki software in research groups by elaborating on best practices and recommended content organization.

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